• User friendly application Interface:

 SmartVMD is a user friendly ActiveX control for motion detection and video capture applications.

Includes a simple and powerfully programmer interface suitable for any Microsoft environment supporting ActiveX Methods and properties allowing minimal programing and maximal control for the user.

A powerfully VMD engine allowing you to develop easily any tailored VMD application for any number of cameras on the same computer. A package of free demo applications is included.

Video capture and display: Connects to any standard digital camera source (WDM).  Live display of the video source stream.  Captures and saves a snapshot from the video sequence. (BMP format). SmartVMD can transfer image to the host application.

Captures and saves video clips in compressed AVI format with pre-alarm.  Optionally, saves a single frame or a video clip only upon motion detection.



  • Motion Detection:

Detects objects movement  in the video and display the moving object boundaries on the video.
Create and display a region mask  to exclude any area from motion detection.




  • A special algorithm  to reduce the sensitivity to video disturbances.  

Automatic sensitivity adaptation to eliminate false alarms due to image noise.

Anti flicker mode allows using the VMD even in artificial illumination when flickering appear in the video.

A user friendly and efficient control of the detection parameters including: Object size, velocity and contrast .

Optional image scaling control allow the downscaling of the source video to reduce CPU load and sensitivity of detection.  Good performances under difficult condition such as low illumination.




  •  Minimal resources consumption:

The VMD algorithm is very efficient consuming only a small part of  CPU and other system resources. Thus, many cameras can be used on the same computer. 
Windows Operating System (95,98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7).