SmartVMD Inspector is user friendly software for detecting and monitoring objects motion through a live video feed such as a Web Cam. SmartVMD could be use for many applications such as surveillance, alarming, tracking, monitoring etc.

SmartVmd Inspector advantage is it's improved algorithm of Video Motion Detection(VMD), which contains a variation of video filters for reduction of false alarms and many parameters for different situations.This algorithm is unique in the private market.




SmartVmd Inspector could be used as an intelligent alarm system for burglars or vandalism detecting, or as a surveillance system for monitoring your home or business. Contrary to other alarm system, you don't need to arrive at the event place, because SmartVmd Inspector sends you the alarms accompanied with pictures and video recordings from the scene.

 The user can choose from a number of different alerts that the program would activate in response to an alarm. Starting with playing a sound from the PC's Speakers, sending the pictures and video to an email account, uploading them to a Youtube/ FTP server that can be accessed from any place, and running any program of choice. By using this assortment of actions the program could be useful for variety of uses.

 Every Event is recorded in the systems database. The database contains an easy user control to navigate through the alerts pictures and video recordings. The program only records upon event so it is economical in storage room.




The software running on windows XP, windows vista and windows 7.


In future versions we plan to add live video broadcasts, so it can be viewed from anywhere in real time.


SmartVMD Inspector Features