SmartVMD ActiveX is an ActiveX control for Video Motion Detection (VMD) developed for programmers in Microsoft environment such as VB, HTML, ACCESS, EXEL, Visual C++ and .NET.


Using the control, it becomes very easy to develop any application which needs VMD capabilities. The SmartVMD ActiveX control contain a powerful but simple interface giving the flexibility needed for the developer of such application. It is ideal for programmers who want to develop their own VMD application base on a powerful VMD engine.


The control supports multi-camera use. Using the control, you can develop an application that monitors many cameras at the same time. The control does not have any limit on the number of video source used.


The SmartVMD ActiveX interface contains methods and properties to access a video device in your computer, to preview the video and to detect motion. Upon user request or motion detection, a video clip or a snapshot is saved to disk.

The control outputs notifications of motion detection events and enable the user to set the detection parameters from a property dialog or directly by changing the controls' properties.

The SmartVMD ActiveX control is very compact using minimal CPU and memory resources of your computer. Nevertheless it has a very good performances and detection capabilities. The control is based on advanced technology including video filters to reduce false alarms. Furthermore, it integrates an adaptive mechanism to compensate for changing environment, illumination conditions and video quality.

This allowed an excellent operation without the need for parameter trimming even under bad conditions. The user has the flexibility to set the detection parameters such as minimal object size, velocity and contrast. Additionally, the user can control downscaling of the image size to reduce even more the CPU load of the control and to reduce the VMD sensitivity to very small moving objects.

In addition to the VMD functionality, the SmartVMD ActiveX control can be used for video preview and capture to disk. You can choose the video source, get the image pointer for every video frame, select the compression method and save compressed video clips or snapshots to disk.




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